Monday, June 15, 2009

Please Pray for Allison

Please pray for Allison Zicree, daughter of Nicole and Shaun.

Alli-cat was diagnosed with Leukemia on Friday (June 12, 2009) afternoon. Everyone is doing as well as they can. Allison will be in the hospital for a while, and the treatment will be for at least 3 years. It looks like it was caught fairly early (10-14 days from onset). However, it is unknown how serious/aggressive it is. Her symptoms started about 2 weeks ago, very needy. That progressed into a high fever, then she stopped crawling and walking and her abdomen was swollen.

I will update everyone as I get info. Matt (my husband) and I spent the evening at the hospital with Nic and Shaun and Allison, and it's not fair (that's how I'm feeling right now). We'll probably be there tomorrow and a couple times during the week.

If anyone is interested in sending cards, and maybe working out a group to prepare dinner for them, please contact Team Allison at I'm trying to come up other ideas to help them out, so if you got them...please post them too.


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