Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Incredible Hulk

Had a great visit with Nicole and Allison last night. Nicole had called me and said that she was having an unproductive (i.e. emotional) day. I believe that Nicole and Shaun have been the most productive parents ever, because if it were me in their shoes, I'd have to be heavily medicated at all times.

Allison has slowed down a bit, and is sleeping more. Her appetite is still awesome, if not better. In all, she is still the same smiley girl, with the beautiful brown locks and big brown eyes. Yes, she still has her hair! Amazing, as the Zicrees were told that usually around day 7 (which was Tuesday) hair begins to fall out. However, Allison keeps shocking everyone and the doctors. Her doctor was in yesterday, and to paraphrase Nicole paraphrasing the doctor, "She's doing great."

Tomorrow, Friday the 26th is Allison's last day of chemo. Her immune system will be at it's lowest, so the Zicrees are asking for no visitors. However, please feel free to send cards and notes to them, via snail mail, text and e-mail. Nicole is able to check e-mail from the hospital now. Shaun is in the process of setting up an address for all cards, gift cards and donations to be sent to. Please be patient.

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