Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Shaun!

After a morning stint at church, the Mister and I headed over to the hospital to see the Peeps! Bearing "stuff" as only we could and Father's Day wishes, it was a good day.

When we got to the hospital Miss Allison was napping on Mommy, while the chemo drip was going. Allison looked so peaceful. She woke up to enjoy the company, and chat and dance around. She started her second chemo drip while we were there, and the nurse explained that she was receiving 120 mL in the second drip, but getting only 20 mL an hour, so it was going to be in for another 6 hours. After a quick dressing change, and outfit change, Allison continued socializing. I must admit she gave me some of the best and loving hugs ever!

Also, the nurse said that Allison is doing really well. Her numbers (whatever they maybe) are right on track. Because she's doing well now, that's an indicator of how she should do for the remainder of treatment.

Nicole does have internet in the hospital. So she'll begin posting soon (first hand is always better). I'm going to post a few pictures from today in a bit.

Shaun has set up an account in Allison's name, as a special needs account. The address to where checks can be sent will be posted this week. For now, you can send it directly to the Zicrees home, if you have that address. Please make checks payable to Shaun Zicree, and in the memo put Team Allison or Allison Zicree. Now I will put pressure on you all. Our family has committed to donating every week! So if you can, that would be great!

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  1. It looks and sounds like Allison is doing great! I hope she continues doing well with her treatment. I'm thinking of her always!