Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Update

First, let me attempt to post the link to Nicole's Facebook photo album, following Allison's Leukemia journey. Click here!

Spoke with Nicole last night. It looks like blood tests are coming back with positive change. White clood cell counts are going down still and red blood cells and platelets are remaining the same. Also Allison's IV tubes were removed yesterday! That's huge. No more hydration fluids, anti-nausea, and she stopped taking pain medication last Wednesday! Allison also hasn't had a fever for a week.

Also, on Friday Allison was given the go ahead to go outside. Nicole and Shaun took her out on Sunday afternoon. This is all after Nicole got back to the hospital after getting a little R & R at home for an hour or so.

Though things are looking good, don't forget that the only way Allison will get better is through a bone marrow donor. So register now, if you haven't already!!

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