Saturday, June 27, 2009

Isolation Begins

Allison's final dose of chemotherapy started at midnight today. Once that dose was done, her immune system will be at its lowest, and so isolation begins, for approximately 2 weeks. I spoke with Nicole yesterday to answer the questions on everyone's mind. Here is what happens during that time (Nicole, I hope that I do our conversation justice):

Blood is drawn daily and tested, in hopes that chemo was successful and the Leukemia goes into remission. If it goes into remission, then Allison would begin weekly maintenance chemo in about 3 weeks from today, while waiting for a bone marrow donor. Once a bone marrow transplant occurs, maintenance chemo will continue for 2-3 years to help fend off a relapse. If the Leukemia does not go into remission, then a new round of intense chemo would start.

So far this is what is known from the blood tests that have been occuring daily during chemotherapy:

Allison's white blood cell count is decreasing (good). Her red blood cell count and platelet count seems to be fairly normal (odd but good). Intense chemo has not negatively effected Allison as predicted. She has not lost her hair (her hair is too pretty to fall out), she has not had vomiting (she's very well hydrated), and though she's slowed down a bit, she's still her peppy, up-beat self (hello, she's a rockstar!).

Let's continue the prayers, and prepare ourselves for blood and bone marrow drives that are coming up! July 15-17 and July 19. Look for the info tomorrow!!

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  1. Hello! Allison IS a rockstar! Sending my love and continuing my prayers!