Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What is Allison up to?

Well this has been a busy week for little Miss Allison! As her mom, I'm proud to say that she has reached some fun and some interesting new milestones over the past few days! She was also able to have some 'pint-sized visitors' last week, which included cousins Bailey, Isabelle, and Daniel; friend Jamieson; and buddy Madison. She was so excited to get some playtime with people close to her size. She has also learned a few new words: blue, book, and WOW!

She is still a late-night party animal, but she's been taking more naps during the day - boy am I thankful for that! She caught up on current events, became an honorary member of the nursingg staff, and yesterday we had fun with stickers on her head. Today she received a balloon flower and a balloon rainbow (see below for pictures), she had so much fun with that! She even rearranged furniture(for reading time w/grandpa) in the playroom while using her new talent - WALKING!

Her newest (and quite possibly the coolest) trick is swabbing her own mouth. Several times a day we are required to swab Allison's mouth with a medicated mouthwash to prevent sores from the chemo. This proved to be an arduous task for all of us! It had to be done, so we did it, through the kicking and the tears. Now Allison has taken the task into her own hands. Tonight she dipped the sponge in the wash and swabbed her own mouth!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so please scroll down to see what Allison has been up to!

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  1. what a beautiful, smart, creative, bright and brilliant baby girl, she is - Nicole, thank you!