Monday, July 6, 2009

Donate Blood & Platelets

When calling to make an appointment, please let them know that you are donating directly to Allison Zicree or on behalf of her! For more info, please e-mail Team Allison at


  1. I sent a message to Nicole about this as well, but you have been so informative that I thought I would ask you too in case she is busy. I sent away for one of the test kits that you posted about on your blog. Will that be linked up to Allison or should I go to the blood drive instead? Either way is fine, I just want to make sure that it benefits Allison in the event that I am a match. Let me know if you can.



  2. If you registrer via mail or in person, your swab will be matched with an international registry. So you can be called for anyone who matches you. The more people are registered, the more chance Allison has for a donor. Usig the link I provided or going to Woodland Hills, ensures that there is no cost to you.