Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a week!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers for our daughter. We've had a challenging few weeks, but it looks like we may be coming out of it, slowly but surely.

The effects of Allison's third round of chemo took over last week. As expected, her white blood cell count dropped dramatically, which made her neutropenic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutropenic). This means that she is at a point in this cycle where she is susceptible to infections and other contagious illnesses. During her first two rounds of chemotherapy Allison managed to sail through this point in her treament, however this time the chemo was approximately 10x stronger and it's taking its toll.

Since last Tuesday we have been fighting a fever that has stayed between 101°F and 104.5°F, neither medication nor cooling measures cooled her for very long. This has been coupled with nausea and a severe loss in appetite. Allison has been unable to rest comfortably(day or night) and has had a difficult time moving on her own, so she and mom are totally sleep deprived. Along with her fever, she is experiencing edema/water retenion all over her body. The majority of the swelling is in her belly and that is due in part to low protein levels. She is receiving treatment to reduce the swelling, but it is a slow process. She has required platelet transfusions daily and has had a few blood transfusions this week as well.

Her fever stayed close to 100°F for most of the day, and today was the first time she has nibbled anything in about a week - we were so excited! She was chatty for a little bit, watched some Sesame Street, and managed to pull herself into a sitting position at one point. These are the things that give us little glimpses of our old Allison and hope that recovery from this round of chemo is just around the corner. Please keep our little girl in your thoughts as she continues to push through this phase.

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